Back to School Essential: Chalkboards

Summer break is over and the kids are back in school- crazy how the time goes by isn’t it? It seems like just yesterday when they were let out for school and when the traffic around town seemed to lighten up (that may be what I miss the most about summer). So, now your little ones (and not so little ones) have started a new year- what are they going to need? How can you reflect the design of their room with their ever-growing bodies and mind? Of course, we want to stay within a reasonable budget while we are decorating kids’ rooms. So, what are some neat little touches you can make to your child’s room that will get them excited for this coming school year?

Writing Boards
Chalkboards for Kids Rooms
I do not say this very often but writing boards are so in! Especially chalkboards. Am I the only one noticing chalkboard paint on just about everything? It’s a really fun way of showing one’s own creativity and to celebrate coming events. To make it even more suitable for school, why not make it into a sort of calendar with at least 31 boxes? That way your kids can track what homework is due when and what chores need to be done.

Another idea you can do to bring even more fun into the room is to paint one focal wall with chalkboard paint. Yes, a whole wall. I have seen some rooms for kids that look great with the addition of a chalkboard-painted wall. Here are a few examples:

chalkboard paint for teen room

chalkboard family room

toddlers and chalkboard wall


How cute were those examples? You see how one chalkboard wall can bring such creativity, inspiration, and personalization to a room? Chances are, the wall will forever be evolving to reflect the times your family is living and and no matter how old the members in your household are, a chalkboard wall is sure to bring out the best.

Plus, for those of you with wee ones, this is an even better scenario for you! Most kids are going to want to paint just about everything and you might end up with markers or finger paint all over your walls to begin with. Instead, hand them a piece of non-toxic chalk and let them go at it. Now, now- do not blame me if they start going chalk crazy everywhere. Supervise their play and make sure to let them know that the black wall is the safe wall.

Don’t feel like painting a whole wall? Maybe you are renting and feel like it is best not to. No worries! Target and Amazon are here to the rescue. Below you will find some of my favorite chalkboard products:

target chalkboard decal target butterfly chalkboard decal kids chalkboard easel

Now you see how lovely chalkboards can be while decorating kids’ rooms. Enjoy!

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Girls Furniture – Sweet Princess Theme Inspiration Video

Here is a bit of visual inspiration of using girls furniture to decorate a kid’s room.

Did you get any cute ideas? I for one love the customized bunk beds. Growing up with my sister, we had bunk beds and they did not look nearly as nice or as imaginative as those.

Thanks YouTube for the video.

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Girls Furniture – More Decorating Tips

Girls Bedroom Furniture

Just as a person`s home is their castle, a little girl`s room is her sanctuary. Over the years she will play here, cry here, giggle with friends and receive countless goodnight kisses in her room so getting it right can be very important. This doesn`t necessarily mean that it is vital to spend loads of money to get everything perfect but a little bit of effort and some careful attention to detail can get the right effect for not a lot of cash with girls furniture.

Pick a Theme

Most little girl`s have strong likes and dislikes so it is very important to take this into consideration when decorating. Choosing a theme for the decoration can help to create a backbone for the room, making it easier to pick furniture that makes sense. For instance, if it is to be a pink haven, then affordable pink furniture or plain pieces that are easily painted are your obvious next step or if it is to be a princess theme then furniture with crenulations like a castle can easily follow.

An important thing to remember is that choosing a theme should not require you to buy specific items that match that theme. If your child likes a cartoon character not everything in the room should relate to that character. Pick a few cheaper pieces such as bedding and posters to emphasise the theme while carrying this through with a matching colour scheme. This will help to future proof the room and save you redecorating and buying new items too often.

Future Proof

One of the most important things that you can do to affordably build the perfect room for your child is to future proof the room. This can save you so much money over the life of the furniture and decoration that it can make it worth spending a little more just now. Think ahead and plan how each piece of furniture could be used in years to come; child-sized furniture might be cute but eventually it will serve no purpose so opting for an adult dresser that you can make fun with stickers or a paint job may stand you in better stead long term. Cosmetic and cheap changes such as paint colour can be done more often but make sure your bigger ticket items will last for a long time.

Dual Purpose Pieces

Where possible, invest in items that can effectively service two purposes so that you get the very most from them. Beds with storage, for instance and desks that serve as drafting or computer table are good bets for small children. Think about what your child loves to do now and what they will be doing in future and think of the best ways for their furniture to grow with them.

Hit the Sales

All of the best and biggest furniture stores have regular and, generally, well advertised sales periods where the savvy shopper can pick up some real bargains. Good retailers will offer a range of items including specific child friendly pieces as well as more adult furniture in such sales so it is well worth checking them out. Check with staff in stores as they will often know when the next sale is due so you can plan and be prepared before hitting the shops.

All the best retailers such as Forrest Furnishing should have a wide range of items specific to girls furniture that can work with a variety of themes, be repurposed and grow with your child so follow these tips and you can create a little girls dream room on a budget. Plan carefully and you can work magic.

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Girls Bedroom Furniture – Basic Ideas to Not Break the Bank

BundleFurniture090As the little ones grow up they all start to have their own ideas about things that they do like and don`t like. This doesn`t just apply to food, but also to their rooms and it becomes increasingly important for them to have a room that they can feel proud of and that they feel is their “own.” With the summer months upon us and the longer evenings giving us more time, many of us start turning our attention to brightening up our homes; our children`s bedrooms often become the first place to start. But how can we make our little girl`s bedroom a bit special without breaking the bank.

The best thing to start with is a theme. Most young girls like to dream of being a princess or a pop star so a bedroom in shades of pine or other pastel colours is always popular. Pale colours make a room look a lot lighter and more appealing so don`t be tempted by too many bold colours on a youngster`s walls.

Storage is important whatever age they are so shop around for some neat little boxes that can be placed in corners or under the bed for them to store the million of trinkets that all little girls seem to collect. Getting things tucked away out of sight makes any room look better and will focus the attention on your hard work rather than the chaos.

Decorating doesn`t mean that you have to have new furniture. Old furniture can be brightened up with the use of a lick of paint, some transfers, or even a touch of material. If your girl is going to become a princess and has an old battered corner unit or dressing table then drape it with some lace and top it with a dainty jewellery box and some flowers. To brighten up a bed why not make a canopy? Two
pieces of material in a colour that blends in with the room can be hung on either side of the head of the bed on the wall; add a few scatter cushions on the bed itself and you have a royal bed waiting to be slept in.

Patterned quilt covers work well in plain rooms; if your little princess is having a touch of glitz and glamour then plain bedding will look better and will give you the chance to add a throw or some cushions in a contrasting colour. A good plan is to match your curtains with your throw and cushions; you can even place a piece of
material in a frame and turn it into a picture.

Make sure you leave somewhere for you little girl to keep her cards, party invitations and other souvenirs; these always look better on a notice board rather than in a drawer and if she has a desk then place one above it; it may even encourage her to remember her homework!

Finally remember the finishing touches, such as a rug for the princess to step onto when she gets up; a hook for the royal dressing gown and make sure she can let in the light by adding a pair of curtain
tie backs
in matching colours.

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Girls Furniture – 5 Tips on Getting the Most Out of Budget Shopping

This post is a continuation of my last post about my little secret weapon when shopping for girls furniture on a budget: flea markets, estate sales, and thrift stores. After the recent move, I am obsessed with visiting each of these in order to find the best deals and the neatest items to decorate my home with. If you are on a budget, they really are a great option. So what is it you need to know before you dive in?

1. The key is in the haggle.
I have a confession to make: I have a horrendous poker face. When I first started going to flea markets, this cost me big time. I would get so excited about a piece of girls furniture that I would jump on it and agree to whatever price the seller was giving to me all by just smiling a certain way. Do not do what I did. Don’t jump on the first price. Sellers will always quote you a price that is at the very least, $5 more expensive than the original price they had in their head. Take a long look at it. Have a “I don’t know” look on your face and then give a fair price. Also, the more you know about the item, the easier it would be to haggle as you know its worth.

2. Leave the Louis Vuitton purse at home.
Whether you go to flea markets, thrift stores, or estate sales: leave your high-end purses and shoes at home. Wear sneakers, old jeans, and a t-shirt. The reason for this is because (as upsetting as it may seem) unless there is a sticker price already on the item, more often than not, they will quote you a price based on how you look. If you carry your Coach purse with you, they will figure that you can afford more.

3. Looking for steals? Go the last day.
This does not go for flea markets or thrift stores as it does more for Estate Sales. Estate Sales tend to last 2-3 days. If you saw some things you were interested in through the preview pictures and are feeling lucky, try seeing if it is there on the last day. Estate sale companies tend to discount items up to 70% off the first day price on the final day in effort of liquidating as much as possible. This means you can get items on the dollar! I came across a dresser that was being sold for $45 on the last day and with a little haggling, you could probably get it for less. Flea markets are somewhat similar in that towards the end of the day sellers are more likely to agree to your price since it would be one less thing to take back home.

4. Bundle and save!
This goes for flea markets, estate sales, and thrift stores: the more you have, the more you can save. Remember: sellers want to get rid of their inventory to make way for more. It would be easier to get a price you are o.k. with when you have more than one item in hand. One woman at a flea market was able to get two things that would normally cost $40 individually for $60 for the two.

5. When emotions are high, leave it behind.
This happened to me recently and is more likely to happen if you go to an estate sale that is privately listed. In private listings, the family of the recently deceased or the family that is going through foreclosure will be handling the sale. This can get tricky as they are already going through an emotional time in their life and coupled with the fact of strangers going through their personal belongings can become problematic. Without going into details with what happened to me, learn from my mistake: get out. If someone handling the sale starts getting almost violently angry, leave. Not only is it awkward to be in the middle of a private family situation, you are not going to be in the mood to go picking, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Now that I have left you with a couple of tips for getting girls furniture on a budget, are you excited? You should be! Flea markets, estate sales, and thrift stores are a great way of saving plenty of money and getting quality products that can last for years. Plus, it’s also a way of hunting for treasure which is plenty of fun! So, go out and enjoy yourself. Do the dirty work that involves digging and you will come out a winner.


Girls Furniture

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