Girls Bedroom Ideas – Using Pinterest for Inspiration

Have you had the lovely pleasure of being to Pinterest? It is a new website that is all the rage in social networking and sharing. In fact, some people are saying that it is outpacing even Google+ in growth and the participation of its users.

So, what is Pinterest? Pinterest “is a vision board-styled social photo sharing website and app where users can create and manage theme-based image collections.” [source] In essence, you can collect the things that inspire you and give you ideas for decorating a girls’ bedroom. You create little projects and you can name it whatever you wish and organize your favorite things that way.

I just got my own Pinterest account and I can completely understand now why someone could get addicted to it. It is so easy to get lost in all of the beautiful images and collect everything for ourselves. But, this website does not only allow you to connect with people who share your similar tastes, you can very well find ideas to decorate your kids’ room and find beautiful girls bedroom furniture that you may not have found otherwise.

Here are a couple of tips to help you collect inspiration using this really nifty website. First thing is first though: when you sign up, you are most likely going to be put on a waiting list but no worries because you will get a welcome email a few days later.

1. Choose who you follow wisely
There are a lot of people signed up with Pinterest which means lots of photos are being shared. If you want your experience to focused and clutter-free, make sure to visit the profiles of those you are interested in following before you decide to.

2. Utilize those boards!
Chances are, Pinterest is going to become much more than design inspiration for your little girls’ bedroom. You are going to find things you just love that have absolutely nothing to do with one another. Hence, create as many boards as you feel necessary in order to keep everything organized. For example, I have boards titled “For the Home” and “Pure Inspiration”, but I also have boards dedicated to places I would love to visit and products that I find fascinating. It’s alright to make it personal. It’s alright that it’s more than girls furniture. That is the point.

3. Use the browser extension
One of the last things you will come across after signing up is the option to use Pinterest’s browser extension. If you use Google Chrome, just click on the “Pin it” button and drag it to your bookmarks bar. This way, anytime you stumble upon a really great idea (e.g. chair, headboard, color palette, etc…) you can easily add it to your board.

4. It’s ok to like things
The “like” isn’t just for Facebook anymore, Pinterest uses it also and it pretty much is the same reason. It is alright to like a pin if you feel like it piques your interest or puts a smile on your face but you do not want to create a whole board just for that particular product.

5. Go treasure hunting!
OK, I do not mean literally going treasure hunting, I mean go out and search. If you are not sure where to start with in terms of brainstorming design ideas, type in terms that you may be interested in. Better yet, type in terms that remind you of your child or the things your child enjoys. You may be pleasantly surprised!

The most important tip that I can give you though is to just enjoy this website and have fun with it. Share and socialize. This website is constantly changing so there are endless possibilities you will have to find ideas that will absolutely inspire you. It is a really neat site and yes, you will most likely get addicted but no worries!

Oh, and of course…make sure to follow us! I am still working on my boards so don’t mind me and let’s connect!

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